Welcome to IPAY

The new solution for Cash On Delivery.

IPAY is an e-wallet which offers an electronic solution for the traditional Cash On Delivery (COD) method. E-shoppers pay their orders at delivery of the package with the IPAY App simply by scanning the unique IPAY-QR on the package. Payment is possible with all types of credit cards or one of the 13 other Alternative Payments Methods. Shipping labels are enriched with unique payment identifiers for 46 countries. Collected invoices through IPAY will be transferred directly from the Acquirer bank to the Merchant with deduction of the IPAY fee.

IPAY is available in the English, French, Turkish, Dutch and Hungaryan language.
In Q1 of 2019 the following languages will be added: Arabic, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Serbian, Croation.

In Q2 of 2019 the following languages will be added: Russian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Slovenian, Polish and Slovakian.